Tuesday, March 29, 2016


Dentures aren’t any good if they don’t stay in place. In fact, many people who need dentures choose not to wear them rather than suffer the embarrassment and frustration that comes when they slip during meals or conversation. Unfortunately, going without your dentures can cause your confidence to plummet and even have an effect on your nutritional health, since fewer teeth mean more dietary restrictions. Fortunately, overdentures can solve this problem, so you’ll never again have to choose between going without your dentures and enduring a possible slip.

What are Overdentures?

Overdentures are like traditional dentures, but instead of applying them directly to your gums with adhesive, you secure them to dental implants or a remaining natural tooth. They are removable and do require daily cleaning, but they offer far more stability (and far less messy) than traditional dentures and their adhesives. They are also more comfortable because they don’t rub against your gums as ill-fitting traditional ones do.

The dental implant supported denture will have you smiling with confidence again. You will be able to enjoy your favorite foods without worry and enjoy conversations with a smile on your face.
Overdentures can make the simple things easier and much more fun. Depending on the health of your jaw bone, and the overall health of any remaining teeth, your dentist will attach the overdenture to as few as two implants.

If your overdenture is supported by dental implants, you have increased benefits. The implants themselves, which will fuse to your jaw bone, help to regenerate bone and maintain a strong support system for your dentures.

Contact our office to schedule an appointment at our Roseville dental office if you’re thinking about overdentures as a solution to tooth loss or would like to know more about your options. Dr. Rassi and his staff work together to fulfill your dental needs in a relaxing environment.

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